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    Indoor air pollution pre-control system on interior decoration project: in the interior decoration design stage (to provide complete the list of interior decoration materials), to simulate indoor air pollution concentration and distribution, as well as provide the design optimization program through the establishment of computer models, combined with interior decoration material pollution characteristics of the database and ventilation, temperature and humidity and other conditions,

    The entire control process of indoor air pollution on indoor decoration project: the design optimization by the indoor air pollution pre-evaluation in the design stage; to control the main pollution resources and their parameters in material procurement phase, and to establish unqualified materials claim mechanism within procurement contract; to optimize the construction implementation plan and carry out the material sampling checking system in construction stage; to control the indoor air quality through the GB50325 and GB / T18883 two sets of standards of inspection control in the completion of the acceptance phase; to set up indoor online air quality real-time monitoring in operation period.


    The post-treatment technical services of indoor air quality: to provide customers with indoor air quality inspection and indoor air quality treatment services, so that the interior decoration project to meet the national standard’s indoor air quality requirements.

    Provide the tender documents preparation services in technical bidding of indoor electromechanical engineer project (air conditioning and refrigeration systems, heating and ventilation systems, illumination systems, water supply and drainage systems and fire protection system).

    BIM (building information model) technology services for three-dimensional integrated with wiring design, mechanical and electrical system collision analysis, and renderings design visualization are used to grantee the project completion and engineering quality, and avoid the cost incremental due to the professional uncoordinated and design modification in electrical pipelines, water supply and drainage lines, HVAC. Also, the services entail the followings:

    A. Design of electrical pipeline layout

    B. Design of HVAC pipeline layout and design of equipment selection

    C. Water supply and drainage layout design and equipment selection program design

    Provide the schematic design, preliminary design and construction drawing design services of electromechanical (air conditioning and refrigeration system, heating and ventilation system, illumination system, water supply and drainage system and fire protection system), as well as construction coordination, construction management and modification, cost control.

    Provide interior decoration optimization design services of conceptual design and construction design drawing in large-scale public buildings and civil buildings. The optimization design services can be implemented in different types of projects, such as high-end boutique hotels, top class office buildings, large commercial complex, subway, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, airport terminals, sales experience centers and villas by simulation analysis of the wind, light, heat, energy, materials, indoor environment and health as well as ROI analysis that optimize the traditional interior design and then improve the performance and quality of projects. Usually, the service be started from the participation of the project early proposal (technical standard). 

    Provide the curtain wall conceptual design, the construction design optimization and material testing services, assisting developers for the completion of the project construction procurement, involving in early conceptual design of the project to avoid design rework and material waste, reduce investment and save the cost.

    Provide the design drawings, proposals and budgets in the bidding process (technical standards), and participate in the business tender document preparation.

    BIM technology is used to optimize the curtain wall design, construction, procurement and other aspects of the project design. It can reduce the curtain wall investment, shorten the construction period, and avoid material waste and completion delays.

    BIM technology is used to optimize the curtain wall thermal performance design and parameters, which could reduce the annual operation fee, the installed capacity and investment of the HVAC system and thus save the construction cost and operation fee.