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    Sponge city design consulting services

    Associated with the developers, design firms and other relevant stakeholders to complete the conceptual design, planning permit, construction design drawing and its review, project acceptance and collection of required information data.

    Energy management contract service model

    Energy Services Corporation (ESCO) signs the energy management contract in existing operational projects with the owners (users) to retrofit existing energy systems, to optimize upgrades, to save electricity, water and gas from technology and management. The benefits of reduced energy consumption will be shared.

    EMC, EBOT Investment and Financing Services


    EBOT Investment and Financing EMC Service Mode: The Energy Services Corporation (ESCo), in the new construction project, invests alone or cooperates with the developer (owner) to invest in the central air conditioning energy station, the underground garage lighting system. The two sides sign the energy management contract and share the energy saving.

    Preferential policies, financial subsidies and the application of the Fund to obtain

    In order to vigorously promote and implement energy-saving & emission reduction, green building, large-scale public building energy-saving and recycling economy industry, national and local governments not only enforce the laws and regulations on low-carbon eco-city (park), energy saving, green building and circular economy, but also carry out the tax exemption, financial subsidies, innovation and demonstration projects’ funds and other preferential policies. MTY is proficient in the requirements of preferential policies, application procedures and evaluation standards of the national and local governments, and offers the professional services to assist developers and owners to successfully obtain the awarding and subsides of green buildings, energy savings and carbon dioxide reduction.

    Building energy saving audit, optimization and acceptance consulting services

    In charge of building energy saving for special approval, filing and acceptance, national and local construction departments promulgate and implement the building energy saving management, audit and acceptance policies. Many real estate developers are still puzzled in building energy saving technology and management during the project development process. MTY’s professional energy consulting team can provide building energy saving conceptual design, the audit of the primary design and construction design drawings, energy efficiency evaluation and acceptance of energy saving as well as the consulting services through the whole process for the purpose to assist developers, design institutes and construction contractors to complete the building planning permits, construction permits and construction inspection certificate.

    LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, HK-BEAM-plus, GREEN MARK certification consulting services

    MTY’s international green building certification consulting team, the integration of international green building experts and international license staff resources, can provide domestic and foreign owners and customers with the United States USGBC LEED (LEED-CS, LEED-NC, LEED-EB, LEED-School), the United Kingdom BREEAM, Germany DGNB, Hong Kong BEAM-plus, Singapore GREEN MARK green building standard certification consulting services and medals.

    LEED system


    BREEAM index




    National and local green building design label and operational label consulting certification

    MTY’s green building certification consulting team, has a good command of the national and local green building technical guidelines and evaluation criteria, has successfully completed the whole process of certification, consulting, management services for dozens of national and local green building design label and operation label. MTY was one of the pioneering professional firms engaged with the green building consulting and certification field in China. The scopes and achievements of the consulting services include but are not limited to: "Green Building Pre-assessment Analysis Report", "Green Building Implementation Report", "Green Building Design Optimization Scheme", "Green Building Declaration and Evaluation Report", "Green Building Technology Integration and Implementation Strategy Report”, “Green Building Cost Benefit Analysis and Evaluation Report”, “Green Building Construction and Inspection Acceptance Proposal and Guideline”, “Green Building Marketing Promotion Program Proposal”, “Green Building Operation and Maintenance Post-management Evaluation Report ".

    Green building design standardization

    In order to improve their product design costs and increase their marketing competence, real estate development enterprises research and develop their own real estate product systems. Green technology selection and integration is associated with the climate zone, cost budget, product type and other factors. Based on the above factors, MTY provides R & D services for green building design standardization of resident, office, commercial complex and other product series.