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    Green real estate project planning and management of the whole process

    Experience of domestic and foreign green real estate project indicates that the technology, products and materials of green , energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon need to be used in real estate projects. These applications don’t cause green premium in initial costs (i.e., green incremental cost of green and its cost is controlled in reasonable range) and don’t affect the project development completion and procedure. At the same time, they could bring additional value for real estate projects. In order to truly implement and realize the green real estate, it is necessary to add green development standards and content in the real estate project’s pre-feasibility study report and planning and design, through the whole process of planning and management. MTY owns the green real estate professional consulting team that is rich in real estate project management experience. MTY can provide the whole process of green real estate planning and management consulting services for real estate developers. Consulting services are as follows:

    Green real estate project strategy planning

    Green real estate project positioning analysis report

    Green real estate technical proposal

    Green real estate project design guidance

    Green real estate technology and product procurement specification

    Green construction implementation instruction

    Green real estate project testing and acceptance requirements

    Green real estate marketing promotion plan

    The design standards and construction instructions for green sale promotion center

    The cost Benefit assessment for green premium

    Green Low Carbon Living-style guidance


    Low-carbon eco-city (park) consulting certification

    MTY provides the pre-planning, planning consulting and certification services for international low-carbon eco-city (community), the national low-carbon eco-industrial demonstration park, green community, such as USGBC LEED-ND and the blue zone community. Consultancy services include: pre-program planning optimization, industrial space planning, energy, water, environment and carbon emissions and other special planning programs, as well as the whole process of service (research, application and awarding) to obtain the awards and financial subsidies of national and local governments’ energy conservation and emission reduction program.


    Low-carbon eco-city


    Green Development Strategy and Planning Outline

    The formation and promotion of core unique competence for becoming evergreen enterprises is the ultimate goal for each real estate developers and enterprises to pursue. The implementation of green, environmental protection, low carbon, and ecological development is the core components and important strategic initiatives for real estate enterprises to achieve sustainable development. Based on the future development trend of the real estate industry and the characteristic of each real estate development enterprises, MTY provide short/long-term green development strategy and implementation outline for the real estate development enterprise. Strategic Outline includes: green development vision and objectives, management organization, product system and standardization, project and asset management model and efficiency assessment, investment and financing values, green finance and other performance indicators. International leading real estate developers, such as Skanska, Hines, Lend Lease, Singapore's Capital Land, have made and implemented their own green development strategies, Vanke, China Merchants and other domestic famous developers, are also practicing their green development planning and implementation strategies.

    Corporate Social Responsibility Report and Sustainability Award

    Real estate developers’ business activities, not only produce economic profits, but also bear the social responsibility and environmental responsibility. This kind of social responsibility is not only a one-sided emphasis on charity, donation, but also implies the performance indicators of real estate developers’ corporation social responsibility in the management objectives , Business operations, employees, consumers, social contributions, cooperative enterprises, public interest, energy saving and environmental protection, social evaluation and other indicators according to the real estate development process involved in the various types of stakeholders related to the shareholders, consumers, partners, government, society, the natural environment. These indicators are based on the international standards, such as GRI-G4 (Global Report Initiative-G4), GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark), DJSI (DOW Jones Sustainability Index). MTY’s professional and experienced international team provides real estate development company with annual or publish corporate social responsibility report, so that enterprises successfully shortlisted China Responsible Real Estate TOP100, Dow Jones Sustainability Index and won the top rank in other well-known domestic and international sustainable development evaluation index systems.



    Global Report Initiative-G4



     GRESB Report