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Nanhu Yihe villa indoor green decoration project, Guangzhou
Case Study

The project, located in Nanhu Golf and Country Club, Guangdong, is designed and built by Yihe Group and Guangdong Jimei design respectively - the ultimate professional standards and the pursuit of the perfect combination of art and nature for the idea. It is for the social elite groups to build high-end residential projects. The project has accumulated Yihe Group's innovative residential development inspiration and rare Chinese and Western fusion design. It shows the atmosphere of the magnificent life scene. Jiaxin decoration, as the decoration of the project construction units, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen and create a quality of fine boutique projects for the owners. Our company will work together with the project construction unit, design unit (Guangdong Jimei design) and Jiaxin decoration to meet the owners of the pursuit of refined life. We, together with the design side (Jimei design), intend to build the project into a classic green case.