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TECHAND Ecological Square Project
Case Study

Project Address: It is located in the northwest side of the interchange of Nanping Express and Qingping high-speed, Yangmei Community, Sakata Street, Longgang District.

Project area: It covers an area of 12411M2. To be developed construction area is 57090M2.

Project Description: TECHAND ecological square project is self-built office building for SHENZHEN TECHAND ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT CO.,LTD. It integrated with tourism, hotels, business, office and other functions. It uses the technologies such as low impact development, waste harmless treatment, plant walls, efficient non-inverter PV-LED, plant power generation, rainwater recovery and so on. We will actively cooperate with the design side to provide professional, high quality and efficient green building advisory services. Associated with the design side of the project, we create a green area in Shenzhen, energy-saving label building.